Personal home pages & blogs can be a great resource. They provide information directly from the gold miners themselves. Where and how to pan for gold along with other mining methods can be found here. 

Denver and the Colorado Gold Rush

Information on the history of how the largest city in Colorado arose after the discovery of gold near Pikes Peak.

Link submitted by a Montana middle school classroom study group.

HardRock / Lode Mining: U.S. & Canada

Personal web site listings.

Peter Febbroriello

847 Litchfield Street

Torrington CT 06790 USA 

Ph: 1-860-482-6606

Research support group for cave microbiology and other important information relatered to splunking and mining. Includes a great photo library.

Placer Mining: U.S. & Canada

Personal web sites with references by first name only.

By First Name:

Belayet’s Tools Guide - Metal Detectors

I hope, you will find in this blog, your required tool related products reviews which are well-researched, honest and informative. You will find reviews, resources and Editor’s Choice information on todays metal detectors.

Clive’s Page

The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Metal Detecting

Facebook Page

Here’s my step-by-step beginner’s guide to choosing equipment, researching locations, and detecting responsibly.

Thanks for checking out my guide, I hope you found it useful! Metal Detecting has taken me to some pretty incredible places and I’ve made lifelong friends along the way. Although I’m yet to find that elusive golden nugget, I’m rich with experience and that’s far more valuable! So get out there and enjoy this awesome hobby…!

Matt's "How"

If you want help learning the basics of gold prospecting, or your an experienced miner who wants to increase their gold production, you have come to the right place. An informative website with great articles and pictures on gold prospecting, historic mining methods, and other gold related "stuff."

Matt's ""

We are the premier resource for information about natural gold nuggets and specimens on the web!

Are you a gold prospector or a rare mineral collector? Please take a moment to explore our website! You will find an abundance of resources to help you learn more about natural gold nuggets and specimen gold. Learn how to find gold, understand where it occurs naturally in the environment, how it can be extracted from the ground, and enjoy our beautiful pictures of natural gold nuggets!

Richard's Metal Detector Direct

    Metal Detector Reviews: The Best Metal Detectors in 2019

A personal web page and blog to help you find the best metal detectors on the market for all skill levels.

The site offers top reviews on some of the top brands and models allowing you to have the information you need to make an educated decision without wondering if you chose the right one. Includes Best Metal Detector for Gold and which to buy for kids.

    Your Complete Guide To Metal Detecting

The history behind the electronics, how it works and which is right for you. Great tips on how best to use it and safety first!

Placer Mining: U.S. & Canada

Personal web sites with references of a full name.

    By Full Name: 

Bill Jackson's Social Studies Class

One youth submitted this link to a short video [2.48min] about the forming of the state of California called "America the Story of Us: Gold Rush Video."

The class also liked this page which has a ton of information on general California history that you might like, too. It's from the OpenEd resource library called "California: A Changing State." 

Dave Saum "Prospecting for Gold Near Washington, DC."


This web site includes information on gold prospecting and gold mining in Virginia and Maryland, especially near Washington, DC. Includes listings of books, clubs, prospecting trips & supplies, and other eastern gold/geology links.

Detect History - The Biggest Metal Detecting Guide

Were on Facebook!

Here you can find the best metal detectors reviews, features and technical specifications, useful guides and metal detecting tips, a metal detecting blog and stories & photos of the finds from all detectorists around the world.

Guy Gilroy's "Gold Rush History & Moving to California"

A very good information resource with links to many different aspects of California's gold history. 

Kellyco Metal Detectors - The Complete Guide to the Best Metal Detectors of 2019 

There are many “best metal detectors” because there are so many different types of metal detecting. You can find which detector is best for you by reading this buying guide.

Kellyco Metal Detectors - The Complete Guide to Gold Detecting Machines

One of the most common requests we get from the metal detecting community is for tips on the best way to detect for gold, information on the different types of gold detecting technologies and our recommended gold detectors.

Kellyco Metal Detectors - How to Choose the Right Metal Detector

Depending on where you live, your budget, and what you’re interested in finding, there are a number of different metal detectors you can choose from. Here are five questions to ask yourself that will help you find the right metal detector for you.

Mark Orwig's

The Ultimate Guide to Metal Detecting

Getting Started with Metal Detecting - Everything You Need to Know. An extensive blog on every aspect of modern metal detecting; coin hunting & nugget hunting

Nick Hayes of Dragonfire Tools - A Guide to Metal Detecting

What is metal detecting? How to get started metal detecting. Where to metal detect? These are common questions for those just getting into metal detecting ask.  This guide helps give you answers and resources to this fun and educational hobby

Peter Harrington ""

Gold detectors – how to choose the right one?

The Best Metal Detectors For Gold - 

Choosing the best metal detector for gold is not an easy task and for beginners it is almost impossible thing to do. On the market there are lots of offers and if you try to gain some insight on these devices, you will find yourself lost in the variety of models and prices.

Besides, treasure hunting for gold can be very different. Someone is looking for it on the beach and someone is looking for gold nuggets. Both these targets require using different metal detectors.

Rob Myers’s  Metal Detector Planet

In this blog, I share with you everything I know about metal detectors.

I’m an industrial engineer. So I have a technical background. I’m familiar with electromagnetic fields, induced currents, conductivity… which detectors and pinpointers use to find buried metal objects.

I’ll try to avoid the use of technical terms. This doesn’t mean the users with more experience won’t benefit from this blog.

There are many articles about hunting in trashy areas that beginners can’t deal with because they don’t have advanced equipment and they don’t have enough knowledge.

I also have some pro tips to help you hunt in plowed fields that will save a ton of time.

Robert Freeman

Propsecting - The Search for New Gold

This website includes information, discussions and opinions relating to Gold and other valuable minerals. The theme is focused on Manitoba prospecting, exploration, mining and investing in mineral commodities.

Stan Grist "Adventures Into The Unknown!"

3741 NE 163rd Street #321

North Miami Beach, Florida 33160-4104 USA

or: Plaza 500 #9A, Leonidas Plaza y Carrion, Quito, Ecuador

Contact: Stan Grist


A great web site displaying Stan Grist's life's adventures. This includes the pursuit of gold, raw diamonds, lost cities, buried treasure, sunken galleons, unexplained mysteries, unknown animals (cryptozoology) and, finally, the discovery of hidden, ancient knowledge and technology. Stan is a fellow prospector/gold dredger and has worked in many of the Western United States, Central and South America for many years.

Timothy McNulty's "Gold Fever"


Four main subjects of interest; a gold fever experience, California's gold history, gravity dredge plans and gold from the sea. Also the "" name is up for sale.

Tom Ashworths' prospecting page

Recreational prospecting information. Great Page!

E-Mail: unavailable

Also forum, chat, used equipment sales, club listings, gold locations in the US, how to, general info, pictures, videos and more.

Placer Mining: U.S. & Canada

Personal web sites with references by alias only.

By Alias:

Boomer's Detector Guide

Boomer reviews the top metal detectors and gives his advice to new detectorists.

Boomer has been detecting for over 20 years, and just recently got his resource together.He discusses the best metal detectors, different types of detecting (gold prospecting, beach, dry, etc), and also plans to put together some bigger guides later on this summer (mostly for the beginning detectorist).

(Date Posted: 8-5-15)

Chasing The Wind

Observations From The Mountains of Montana

An information resource for Montana gold. Articles on how to pan to discussing the local gold fields.

Also a great place to locate claims for sale in Montana.

(Date Posted: 3-5-09)

East Coast Prospector (PA)


Golden Optimist

Member of the "Gold Prospectors of the Rockies." Located near Jamestown, Colorado. Photos, workshops, stories


Home Hobbies: Rock Collecting by HomeAdvisor

Discusses a more scientific approach to rock collecting, including information on mineral classification, the rock cycle and other Earth Science lessons! Information bout soil composition and rock identification.

J.R.'s Blogs on Facebook

Contact: Jim


Welcome to Bedrock Dreams. I am a man of many interests, but one of my true passions is recreational gold mining, and the history and traditions of Western mining in general. I have 30 years' experience prospecting and placer gold mining and I am happy to have this opportunity to share my experience and knowledge with you.

Great info on placer geology, sniping tips, buying claims and more.

Magyver of the Yuba

Information on gold mining in the M.F. Yuba River area of California. Specifically Gold Canyon out of Alleghany. Gold mining pictures, chat room, forum, and a great informational news letter for the area!

Mayer's "America's Gold Mining History"

A breif article about America's gold mining history. Includes lots of references and links to further study the subject. 

Marietta Gold Prospectors

Welcome  to the Marietta Gold Prospectors web site. We are from Marietta, Ohio which is in southeastern ohio. We are members of the G.P.A.A (Ohio Buckeye Chapter). On this site we will try to pass on some of the information that we've learned about prospecting especially prospecting in ohio. We hope you enjoy your visit to our site and will return from time to time to check for any updates we may add to our site.


Founded in 2016, MetalFindr is a small website (or you can term is as a blog) dedicated to provide best and latest information about the metal detecting industry.

If you are one who doesn’t know which metal detector is best for you and what is actually the product offerings are then head over to our blog and you won’t regret and defiantly will find something useful and informative.

Peacock's Den, The

Tobi Wan Mines, Inc.

1442 Territorial Hwy.

Cottage Grove, OR 97424-8500 USA

Contact: Charles Donaldson


Gold mining info, beach gold from the Oregon coast, equipment

The Georgia Goldpanner


A family oriented site devoted to serving the needs of the recreational gold prospector in north Georgia.

Placer Mining: Austrailia, New Zealand & Russia

Foreign personal web sites.

Detectors Direct

The Ultimate Metal Detector Guide For Beginners - 2020

Have you always wanted to try your hand at metal detecting but weren’t sure where to start? In this guide you will learn everything you need to know about choosing the best metal detector, types of metal detectors available, best metal detecting tips and other metal detector facts to help you get started or grow your developing skills. Even if you are a seasoned detectorist, you may learn something new about your craft.

John's "Mr. Metal Detector"

The Best Metal Detector Reviews

Queensland, Australia

You will find great reviews on todays best metal detectors, information on treasure hunting and prospecting with the modern detectors and personal blog.

The future of the site will be dedicated to writing reviews, doing yearly best detector lists and trying to help others find their way into the metal detecting fold.

Phillip Kemp's "Tasmanian Prospecting Forum"

Gold, Gem & Treasure prospecting page.

Lot's of great subjects to delve into; alluvial & placer prospecting, nugget hunting with our modern metal detectors, gemstones & mineral specimens, treasure hunting, metallurgy, regional geology & mineral fields, Tasmanian mining jobs, Famous Tasmanian prospectors, swap meet & more! A great informational resource for the whole family.

History of gold in Russia

Baased on the book "THE RUSSIAN GOLD" (Moscow, 1994).   A great article and well illustrated.

Edited by Vladimir Kroupnik

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