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The Gold Miner's Handbook

Heavy Metal Mining Company is proud to offer
"The Gold Miner's Handbook©" by Bruce W. Harris.

A guide to mining gold in the US. This book gives examples of gold mining techniques and modern equipment from Keene Engineering, Gold Screw, Goldspear, Fisher M-Scope, Whites Electronics and much more! Published by Keene Engineering, Inc.

"This book is a good, strong dose of reality therapy!"
Jim Watrous, Fisher World Treasure News...

The Gold Miner's Handbook
Only $19.95!

.....This is the same book reviewed on the west coast television show GPAA on gold mining produced by the "Gold Prospectors Association of America."
....Great reviews by Lost Treasure, Treasure Facts, Treasure Hunter Confidential, and Western / Eastern Treasures magazines, Fisher World Treasure News, and also Metal Detector Newsletter!

....Gives examples of today's mining clubs such as the "New 49'ers" and "Gold Prospectors of America" which have hundreds of claims available to members in many states here in the U.S. to mine for gold. The book also includes electronic prospecting, hooka diving, hardrock mining and lots more.
Fisher Electronics
Photo provided by Fisher Electronics®
5" Gold Dredge

Author & Friend
....Discusses how modern recovery equipment such as the dredge, drywasher, and highbanker is used and put to practical use. Examples on prospecting techniques and equipment such as the gold pan, miner's magnet, modern sluice and assaying. Also clean-up concentrators & separators used by small mining operations to break down their concentrates into "heavy concentrates" ready for removal of the precious metals collected.
Mining equipment Equipment provided by Keene, Fisher, Whites, Goldscrew, Goldspear, and more!
Handfull of Nuggets

Photo Courtesy of Ralf Shock©
....A guide to gold mining in the US. This book uses the State of California's "Gold Country;" specifically the Grass Valley & Mother Lode areas; as an example to understanding how you can mine for gold. Covers hard to get information on claims, permits and legalities of mining. Includes 10 legal forms such as "Non-liability," "Mine Lease," "Location Notice," and "quit Claim." Also includes examples of the forms "Intent to Mine" & Dredge permit
Legal forms Provided by Wolcotts Legal Forms Company©
Checking the sluicebox

Photo courtesy of HMMC™
....This is one of the most comprehensive handbooks for the modern gold miner. This book covers all facets of modern placer mining from prospecting to small scale mining operations. It covers what gold is, where to find it, how gold deposits occur, and how to recover it. This book fully outlines everything that the beginner will need to know about getting started in gold mining as a hobby or small scale professional activity.
Placer Geology
....This book covers all the basics and more. 259 pages. Color and B & W photos. Well illustrated. Book size is 8.5" X 11."

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Author: Bruce W. Harris

Author Bruce W. Harris
The Gold Miner's Handbook
Gold Miner's Handbook©