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World news that effects the cryptocurrency market and your investment in Bitcoin.

Our business provides a free service to the community.

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  Our main goal is to provide Bitcoin headline news from around the world in a clean and simple interface with no distractions of any kind.  We offer a clear view of  30 Independent direct source news agency web sites.  

    There are no forms to fill out or subscription to sign on to.  With such an environment one can easily visit us and quickly review the morning or evening news, follow up on a headline of interest or simply move on to other things.  

    Your time is valuable, as is ours.  An hour before each posting (@ 5:00am / @ 5:00pm) we will collate the last 11 hours of headlines and provide you with relevant news from around the world that effects the cryptocurrency market and your investment in Bitcoin.

Morning Headline News - 24 / 7

5:00pm central - 5:00am Central Time (CT) Zone

We post relevant bitcoin headline news every 12 hours - For evening news update visit our sister site Bitcoin Evening News. 

Evening Headline News - 24 / 7

5:00am central - 5:00pm Central Time (CT) Zone

We post relevant bitcoin headline news every 12 hours - For morning news update visit our sister site Bitcoin Morning News. 

How to get your crypto news on the Internet

Whether or not you are a user or investor, one wants creditable news without bias or being politically motivated and every news source should have good solid sources to back it up.

Traditional news agencies: newspaper, magazine, television and radio

                These carry local, regional and International news.  Most all with a political bias especially with cryptocurrency.  Not a good choice.

  •     Sub category : Financial news agencies

                Well known and respected agencies such as Reuters, Forbes, Associated Press Service and Bloomberg carry mass amounts of financial info, but can be overwhelming to the average person.  These have been designed for the stock market investor and are just starting to include cryptocurrency news.

  •     Sub category : Syndicated news agencies

                Most all USA news agencies are syndicated and owned by either General Electric, Time Warner, The Walt Disney Company,  News Corporation, CBS, and Viacom.  These corporations have proven to be politically biased one way or another. Again not really a good choice.

You can get news via the internet in a number of ways, ranging from 24-hour news channels to your favorite daily papers.

Blogs & Internet Web sites:  Independent news agencies

  •     Sub category : Newsletters

                Whether they are from syndicated or independent news agencies, they also are limited.  These are daily or weekly issues and are only one news agency’s articles.  These are also delivered late due to the fact that they are already 24 hours or more down the line. 

  • Sub category : ‘feeds’ or ‘rss feeds’

                These types of news updates have been around for a while and traditionally have been for the investor in the stock market. Reddit is the most popular news aggregator and has made great use of this method.  Great if you can handle the constant reel of incoming news, most of which you will not care about, but have to read through.  Everything is of the moment, but if you have not looked at in in hours you have to back read though all of it in case you missed something important.

  •     Sub category : News aggregator web sites

                These are web sites that are set up to give you a platform to view news posted by many different news agencies all in one place.  This can give anyone a diverse selection of news from many sources (some from around the world) to help understand the “big picture” view of current cryptocurrency trends.          

  •     Sub category : Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter & more . . .

                Find the latest social media news stories, photos, and videos. Read headlines covering social media influencers, new news platforms, viral stories, and more.  Even Getting your news through social media is taking a toll on traditional news outlets causing syndicated news agencies to get into social media.  Again the political bias of these agencies toward cryptocurrency and pressure from many governments to downplay the trend to replace printed monies with cryptocurrency gives a boom to independent sources over traditional.  

  •     Sub category : Pod casts & video news channels

                Today millennials are more apt to use topic selected 24-hour news channels and podcasts to get their news. They are extremely computer literate and are much more likely to use visually oriented media than traditional written feeds.

Things to consider . . .

  •     Sub category : The Internet

                Internet newsletters, rss feeds, blogs, social media are better than the web site news agencies with all the pop-ups, banners, click-thru's and some are unprotected sites (http vs. https with certificate) which can lead to malware or a virus etc.  Subscribing to a few of your best news agencies sites keeps the that to a minimum.  One needs to clean your computer from all the tracking cookies and more after visiting online news agencies.  

  •     Sub category : Paid subscriptions

                A growing number of news agencies are charging for online access / paid digital subscriptions.  This is their only choice over the click-thru’s, affiliate programs, banners, etc. and keep their sites clean and can afford to stay up.

  •     Sub category : Independent news agencies

                We expect the traditional news agencies to have advertisements and understand why the newer independent sites need to find ways to cover their expenses; most now have subscriptions; but there are those who promote hype to try and get more visitors. And yes, there are those who provide total BS and call it news; especially those who offer a review of a current headline.

  •     Sub category : Pictures

                Many news agencies, especially the independent ones use of pictures or illustrations with their headlines.  Many with a thumbnail picture with each headline title.  This makes for either long pages, multiple pages, or long page loading times. These web designers who use this practice have a misinformed belief that todays millennials do not read and need something to visually improve their sites appearance.  This is quickly proven wrong by the fact that the article itself is nothing but text.  Millennials may not have good physical handwriting skills, due to their education having computers instead of paper.  But they can read well.

In conclusion:

Surfing the web for crypto news can be taxing and many web sites are very hard to focus on the real news they may provide.  There are alternatives to this created by volunteers who are not in it for the money, but believe in helping others understand blockchain and cryptocurrency. This is a world revolution and many want to be a part of it.  Whether it is educational podcasts, how to posts, a dedicated community service web site or simply communicating a positive mention about cryptocurrency on your personal social media.  We are all in it together.

This article was written by Bruce Harris; /

Safe entry crypto sites for newbies!

For those just getting into cryptocurrency there are a few places that are safe and have provided some great information to get going.

There are 3 major tools one needs; (1) cryptocurrency exchange to buy & sell and store currency, a web site that is designed to educate and answer your questions, and a media outlet for cryptocurrency news to base your activities if your considering investing.

Here are the three major Internet web sites designed for newbies that offer a clean and secure environment to do so., a free community service, offers multiple world crypto headlines from 30 Independent direct news sources.  Three to five minutes to see the news at a glance then you have your life back.  They operate via donations.  Love their “Mission Statement.” built an extensive website that offers free help, outstanding guides, how to’s, product reviews and podcasts.  Their site is easy to navigate and safe for visitors.  This is a great portal to the crypto world community, is the largest entry way into exchanges simplifying the purchase and sales with a built in wallet for newbies and yet allowing for expansion with GDAX. Located in San Francisco, California.

This article was written by Bruce Harris; /

Thanking crypto volunteers

In todays crypto community we find a lot of excitement for the development of the blockchain and many for the use of various kinds of cryptocurrency such as with the well know pseudonymous Satoshi Nakamoto’s Bitcoin.  

Many of good people have understood that even just their promoting or giving good praise for this helps spread the word and give strength in this direction.  That also means the value of your cryptocurrency would also be affected with growth and become more valuable. Some have volunteered to do this in many ways through their social media and help promote this new world digital cryptocurrency and it has helped spread this to the far corners of this world.

    Others have not only volunteered, but have created portals to the various crypto world and built crypto youtube channels or simply posted very helpful how-to’s and made them available.  Many I have seen are posted with a voluntary BCH (public wallet?) Wallet for donations.  Others like “” have built extensive online web sites, to help with guides, how to’s, product reviews. They offer their info even through apps built for iOS devices that can be downloaded at the Google play & Apple store.  

    Today I want to talk about another community service.  This one is in the news community and gets straight to the point and purpose of your visit.

“Bitcoin headline news from around the world. We offer a clean and secure environment to view the world news that effects the cryptocurrency market and your investment in Bitcoin every 12 hours.  We offer a clear view of  30 Independent direct source news agency web sites.”

    All feeds are gathered and hand posted by volunteers.  Clean and easy to read with no distractions. No tracking to clean up, no ad blockers needed to visit.  Three to five minutes and you have your life back.  They also operate under the BCH (public wallet?) Wallet for donations.  Love their “Mission Statement.”

    We have a world to educate and the Independent news agencies provide the needed information and analysis to make good judgments.  The crypto world is here to stay, but it will take a few more years to educate and this can be overwhelming to anyone joining our crypto community.

    Just wanted to give heart to those crypto volunteers out there and the many more to come.  Volunteering your time, money or helping support an evolution from flat currency to virtual crypto for a safer world is a good thing.  

This article was written by Bruce Harris; /


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