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Slate Range Bar Claims - 

    Yuba County, California

This is the original SAD and Kokopelli claims. It encompasses four quarter mile sections of river claims.



$400,000.00 USD

CAMC290610 - CAMC290611


noticeable landmarks of interest

The “Big Rock”

When I first met with Jerry Keene he asked about my background in gold mining; where have I worked, the location and with what equipment.  Once he learned I had worked for Bill Chrestman on the Slate Range Bar claims the conversation and mood changed.  He became excited and was asking questions only those who have worked the bar would know.  The most notable one from memory was all about the “big rock.” Did it move; any signs of movement from recent storms, did I know of any attempt again at getting underneath it.  

    There is an extremely large boulder sitting in the middle of the waterway, large enough to see on Google Maps satellite view.  Many people have attempted to get under it without much luck.  It’s that big.  It’s an anomaly too.  There is no evidence or signs from where this came from, only opinions on how this boulder ended up where it is.

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The “Big Hole”

Located at the base of the largest set of rapids upstream from the start of the claims boundaries.  Has a three layer section rapids that drop  into the Big Hole. This is a huge swimming hole 30 feet deep and the deepest on this claims section.

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The “Long Straight-A-Way”

Located upstream from Praters Beach, the start of the claim continues for approximately 1/4 mile.  This is a wide and deep section of the claims.  It is a beautiful section of river.   This is the camp section of the claims where the road comes down to the shoreline. There is room for 7 camp sites..   Away from the few rapids it is a quiet,  fairly shallow and slow moving.  Bill Chrestman told me that he had some company come in and  estimate the depth along the trench at 50 ft.  He did talk about getting a 10 inch dredge but never did.  I have never heard about anyone dredging down the middle of this section of claims.  

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