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For Sale

Slate Range Bar Claims - 

    Yuba County, California

This is the original SAD and Kokopelli claims. It encompasses four quarter mile sections of river claims.



$400,000.00 USD

CAMC290610 - CAMC290611


Gold Dredging at its best!  - 1998  [Slate Range Bar, N.F. Yuba River California]  

This is a once in a lifetime chance for someone 

Its been 36 years since these claims have been up for sale to the public

I again have the privilege of working with the owners of these claims.

It is time again for these historic claims to be passed to a new owner and a new chapter in the history books to begin.

The best of the best is not cheap and not for everyone.  It’s a large set of claims and there is always responsibilities that come with it.  And not just the paperwork, upkeep and maintenance to the property.  There is historic artifacts to be preserved that are required by the Forest Service and keeping the area pristine.  It is after all on BLM property - Federal Public Lands.

NOTE: There was a gold dredge training camp & basic gold mining camp that was operated on these claims.  I have provided the original promotional infomercial video and the web site of the business.  It is only provided for visual reference and has nothing to do with the sale.  The claims are for sale, not some past business operating on these claims.

    That said, this short video is awesome! Simply the best view one can have of this property without an in-person visit and tour.  The backdrop to this place is just stunning.  

If someone has a question about these claims for sale can contact with me:    

    Heavy Metal Mining Co

    Contact: Bruce Harris


    Reply with “Claims” in the subject line please

If someone wants to get serious about the purchase of these claims, I will have a phone number for contact with me on this. We can set up a visit & tour of property as well as answering any further questions you may have. 

Bruce W. Harris on location - Slate Range Bar 2005


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    Check out some of the Yuba River’s unique landmarks found on these claims.

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      Gold camp and gold dredge training camp [2004 - 2005 mining seasons]

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Slate Range Bar, California


Slate Range Bar on the N.F. Yuba is a very historic section of waterway.  All through the gold rush to present time this area has produced great amounts of gold and has made many claim owners famous.  This area was commercially worked by hand by Chinese crews which even built a stone road along the side of the river as they moved along.  Though more than a hundred years have passed and many storms washed through this area, there is still evidence of this road to be seen in places along this claim.

These claims have been in various news publications for a variety of events since the original 1849 Gold Rush.  Even in modern times these claims have continued to be written about via prospecting & treasure hunting magazines and published in four books on gold mining, including one produced by Keene Engineering.

Jerry Keene of Keene Engineering, Inc.  [1934 - 2017] worked this same location in the early 70’s. My first day meeting with Mr. Keene we discussed this claim and also Mr. Chrestman who I had worked for. Mr. Keene was considered the “The Father of the Modern Gold Rush” News release, “Loss Of A Legend” Tribute by [GPAA].

NOTE: The first gold dredge was invented by Ernie Keene in the 40’s and started producing gold dredges in 1950 under the name Keene Engineering, inc.  Ernie Keene died in 1962 and Jerry Keene continued with the business until he passed away in 2017.  His sons Mark & Patrick Keene continue with the business.

Noted treasure hunter Bill Chrestman  [William  W. “Bill” Chrestman 1915-1989] of Quartzsite, La Paz County, Arizona owned these 2 claims for 17 years. He had been in prospecting & treasure hunting magazines that I have read in my early years dating back to 1951 with his picture on the cover and a full mason jar of nuggets.

Author Bruce W. Harris worked these claims starting with Mr. Chrestmans last year owning this location through the present time.  Mr. Chrestman & his lovely wife Thelma nicknamed myself and my dredging partner Robert Jacobsen [who came out from Texas with me to work that year] “The Texas Rangers.”  Being noticed for our teams work that year by such a famous person is awesome.  But we did make him money and he was happy for that.

Highest Quality - 950+ Fine Gold. Only the Mother Lode/Grass Valley area, some 100 square miles of gold country have 950+ fine gold in the mainland USA.This area is rich in quartz gold mines and one with note there is a high percentage of gold-quartz & quartz-gold nuggets to be found. Only Alaska has such a rich purity to be found.Of this lode area, the Middle Fork & North Fork Yuba rivers are noted to contain a high average of “flats” of any other waterway system within the lode boundaries. [flats; thin flat nuggets usable for jewelry] Dark yellow, very noticeable. Gold nuggets, especially of this fineness, are typically sold by karat, not by gram, as they are rare and considered gems. They are typically sold above spot prices, even more so when sizable.           

This section of the Yuba is said to be prime pay dirt. The best paying section on the whole North Fork. All through the years this has been proven to be a dredgers paradise. In recent years, this claim section has been noted to produce 6 ounces of gold in one week from one dredger working by himself.  An ounce a day for a good dredge crew is not all that uncommon.  There are years of unworked sections to gold dredge on this claim property. Since the gold dredge has only been around since 1950 and knowing how much was worked from 1972 till today reveals much more is still available.  

Such great scenery to enhance you days work.  This is located in the scenic Tahoe National Forrest with Digger and Sugar pines, a few furs, cedars, and of course California's famous Sequoia's. 


Gold-Bearing Gravel of the Ancestral Yuba River, Sierra Nevada, California - Geological Survey Professional Paper 772

Mineral Resources And Resource Potential Of The East Yuba And West Yuba Roadless Areas, Plumas And Sierra Counties, California - Department Of The Interior U.S. Geological Survey Summary Report

So much more . . .

  • Artisan Well:  Drinking water and cold storage.
  • Camp Sites:  There is room enough for 7 camp sites.
  • Diving Conditions: Could not be better.  Altitude is 2,044 feet. 
  • Fishing: Bass & trout fishing. Also, in late fall the Chinook salmon make their way upriver.



  • Swimming: There is a huge swimming hole 30 feet deep called “Big Hole.”

One must cross Slate Creek to get to the claims.  Slate Creek is a tributary to the N.F. Yuba and enters the waterway at Race Track Point a short ways downstream from the claims.

This can be your claim to fame . . .

A view from the road coming in.                                                                                     [Slate Range Bar, N.F. Yuba River California]

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