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Rock Hound & Earth Science

Electronic Detectors
Mining Equipment

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Gold Markets
Personal Home Pages & Blogs

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Electronic Detectors
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Gold Mining Expeditions
Gold Camps
Tour Agencies

History of gold in Russia

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Visit our on-line presentation of the "Modern Gold Dredge" by Bruce Harris. This includes a great Gold Mining Dictionary.

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Free Clip Art
Donated pic's (GIFF/JPEG) of gold pans, pick & shovel, prospectors, mining equipment, electronic prospecting equipment, mules & more!!!
Great for enhancing your personal web site!
The following pictures are donated by BJChristie.
Some are freeware clip art and some she developed herself. She made it for my brother who likes to pan for gold in the mountains of California. She also developed a desktop theme and screensaver that can be downloaded from Themes Unlimited. Those wishing to thank her for her contribution email:
Desktop Theme
Download page at Themes Unlimited

Author:  BJChristie
Size:  816kb
Desktop Theme Added On: 6/2/2003

Doug Lindstrands "Sourdough" is the center of this theme. Great sketch! Gold nugget cursors and icons. Yosemite Sam sounds along with computer sounds. North To Alaska at start and exit. "Gold Nuggets" transparent screensaver to match.

Download page at Themes Unlimited

Author:  BJChristie
Size:  872kb
Screensaver Added On: 6/2/2003
This is a simple transparent screensaver to go along with my desktop theme "The Old Sourdough". A good screensaver for all you gold miners out there! Gold nuggets and miner's tools float about your screen as "North to Alaska" wav plays as background music. Sound can be disabled.
Gold Gold Nugget Goldpan Pickaxe
Shovel & pickaxe
The following picture is donated by Martin Pearson.
Gold prospector

The following picture is donated by Michael Mark Rippie. (

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