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Great web site for kids!

This section is a listing of gold mining related merchandise, collectibles and souvenirs. This is also the place to sell your gold!

BBR Prospector Mfg

Bakersfield, CA 93314

Contact: Russ Cooper

Phone: 1-661-213-7504

Never Stoop, Squat Or Shake A Bucket Again!

The "Earthquake" vibrating  bucket classifier is extremely effective for screening both desert and river material.  The classifier is built with a UV and water resistant coating.  As your back well knows, the secret is to MOVE MATERIAL.  The "Earthquake" will classify a 5 gal. bucket of dry or wet material in 3 to 5 minutes,  and no stooping, bending or bucket shakin'!  

Manufacturer of the Earthquake Vibrating Gold Classifier.

Carrie's Creations

Carrie Blaha

9205 Evergreen Dr.

Wonder Lake, IL   60097 USA

Ph: 1-815-690-8315

Individualy crafted fine jewelry using geodes and gemstone and agate beads. Blue fossil, yellow jade, turquoise, amethyst, crystal, and more. Pendants, bracelets and necklaces.

The geode pieces are unique and one of a kind, so if you like attention and don't want to see the same piece on everyone else check out my items first!

Children's Books

Charlie the Chipmunk and the Lost Goldmine

by: Sindy Smith

Amazon page, Barnes & Noble page, Waterston page, AbeBooks page

Product Description: Old Stan's birthday gift from his three best friends fulfills his lifelong dream—a trip to Colorado to prospect for gold in the icy streams of the Rocky Mountains. It is there that he befriends a gang of chipmunks who are hiding a special secret. Join Stan on his journey out west and learn a lesson that is more valuable than gold.

ISBN: 9781462685905, 38 pages, 8.5x11, softcover.

Also author of other Children's Books Little Lucy Lou, Mr. Minko, and Dadu the Dolphin.


Custom Made Knives

Contact: Cass K. Beije

Ph: 1-704-855-2279

China Grove, NC USA

I was fortunate enough to win a knife of such fine quality from this person who donated it to the D.E.F. Ralley in GA (May 2003). Bruce Harris owner “The New Gold Miner’s Headquarters.”.

Laughlin, Nevada USA

CrazyCrusher hand operated jaw crusher.

Built for the pro, priced for the hobbest!

The CrazyCrusher is designed to crush and grind ore for sampling, either in the lab or out in the field. Since it is manually operated, there is no need to haul gas or a generator to run it.

Ideal for areas that you can make mineral discoveries, but not allowed to run motorized equipment due to ecological laws or fire codes. It works great to crush your black sand concentrates for further extraction of fine gold. Made in the U.S.A.

Gold Canyon Gift Shop

Welcome to the Gold Canyon Gift Shop. Here you can purchase select Magyver of the Yuba River items offered only in this store.  The sale of these products helps to support my Magyver of the Yuba River website and my weekly newsletter, "Fire in the Hole."

Apparel, Houseware, Hats, Auto Goods, Bags, Cards, Prints and more!

Gold Canyon is just outside of Alleghany, California on the Middle Fork of the Yuba River in the heart of the Mother Lode gold country.

The Magyver of the Yuba River web site.

Gold Rush Nugget Bucket, LLC.

965 Tyinn St, Unit #4 

Eugene, Oregon 97402 USA

PH: 1-888-981-9638 or 1-541-515-6138

Manufacturer: Gold Rush Nugget Bucket; Complete Gold Rush Nugget Bucket Panning Kit. Field tested and recommended for all ages by the Gold Prospectors Association of America (GPAA).

As seen on "Shark Tank" deal made with Robert.

The Gold Rush Nugget Bucket is the only gold panning kit that concentrates gold dust first. In addition to catching larger gold nuggets and gold flakes, it offers a patented, all-in-one design that concentrates the smallest of flour gold into one small bowl, collecting up to 99% of the finest gold dust. The kit is made of high-quality plastic and weighs just 7 pounds, providing a lightweight and easy-to-carry means to gold pan.

Green Mountain Gold Trap

Joseph Maranville

Rutland VT. 05701

Inventor / Owner: Green Mountain Gold Trap

GreenMountain GoldTrap - YouTube

A new see through fluid bed box gold trap allowing you to see exactly what's taking place. It Does Not have to be removed from the river to do a clean out, which saves valuable time. Simply remove one pin, slide the trap out, dump into a pan or bucket, rinse trap compartment, replace the trap and put the pun back in place. A clean out can be done in less than 10 seconds.

Manufacturer of: 3' long EZ Cleanout River Bed Hog and the 23 inch EZ Cleanout Pay Streak Finder

Buy Small Glass vials and Plastic Packaging Here! 

This is a great place to buy your glass vials for gold nuggets or specimens of any size

Clear and amber glass vials, plastic jars, atomizers, roll-ons, perfume samplers. 

Ph: 1-928-254-0533


Provenance Resources

Manufacturer of the famous "Federal Mining Claim" warning sign. You have likely seen these signs as well as the new "No Prospecting" sign on many mining claims. They serve to warn trespassers and highgraders that the mining claimant has legal rights to the minerals that are enforceable by law. They are available retail to individuals or wholesale to dealers and mining organizations.

For prices or samples.


Rodando's Prospecting page

Makers of the "2 " Hand Dredge." This is a hand operated gold sucker/dredge.

This is designed for those who cannot move a dredge in and out of the water and for dredge restricted or non-motorized areas!

Weighs about 6 lbs.

Contact: Rodando


Roy's Rocker

Artist John Agrella



"Roy's Rocker," a gold rush painting, by artist John Agrella. John has created a color painting that shows what life may have looked like in the gold rush days. Printed color posters and reproduction copies of the original painting on canvas is available.

SandAway Gold Recovery Systems

Commerce City, CO


Contact: RD Finley (Owner)

Ph: 1-303-287-4997 or Cell:1-405-464-3782

Manufacturers of the SandAway TM Gold/Black Sand Separator & the SandAway TM Double Decker Gold Recovery System.

The SandAway is a low cost high/effeciency blacksand gold separator and mini highbanker sluice designed with the recreational prospector in mind. The SandAway is the most versitile and most adjustable gold recovery system for the money on the market today. The double decker design provides nearly 4' of sluice length and the unique converging upper deck and diverging lower deck keeps the material focused down the middle of the sluice while separating out the lighter material more effectively than straight chute systems. Exclusive hinged design allows complete adjustment of angles on both levels for achieving the perfect angle/flow for varying types of material and hardness of water.

A Happy Camper

The Gold Hunter Test Kit

1848 Addison Ave. East

Twin Falls, Idaho 83301  USA

Store Hours

M – F  9:30 am to 4:00 pm

Saturday 10:00 am to 2:00 pm

Sunday Closed

Ph: 1-208-736-8048 


The Gold Lab

Grants Pass, Oregon

Ph: 1-503-285-8553 or 1-971-400-6867

The most effective fine gold extraction process ever designed.

The Gold Lab is a simple process system to extract clean gold from concentrates. It will extract clean gold from -12 to under 50 microns with no chemicals, Mercury or expensive processes.

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