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This section provided for information about dowsing. From simple methods of dowsing (Also "Dousing") for gold to electronic enhanced dowsing devices. New advances in technology offers a new frontier, and its own gold rush.

Ader Marketing

203-937 West 14th. Ave.

Vancouver, BC.

V5Z 1R3, Canada

Ph: 604-738-1421 or Fax. 604-738-1484


Pendulums and Dowsing Rods can be used for a wide variety of activities including water dowsing and map dowsing for minerals or lost treasure.

Canadian Society of Dowsers

9 Glebe Crescent

Brampton, ON L6S 1E9

Contact: Mark J. Brewer, Marketing Coordinator

Ph: 1-905-791-8320


Information about the Canadian Society of Dowsers and of dowsing in general. Great articles by master dowsers, a how-to section, geopathic stress section, where to buy. Site also includes links to other dowsing sites, and much more. Canadian resources for dowsing tools, books, upcoming events, and annual convention information!

Crystalline Publications

P.O. Box #2088

Eugene, OR 97402 U.S.A.

Ph: 1-541-683-8418 or Fax: 1-541-345-0733

Sales Information: 1-800-688-8418


Dowsing-divining technique books, pendulum dowsing-divining charts, intuition development videos, and dowsing-divining tools.

Divining Mind  Radiesthetic Supplies

PO Box 189 (350 Government Street South)

Greenwood, BC   V0H 1J0   Canada

Ph: 250-445-2277


Here we offer you a large selection of quality pendulums and divining rods from Europe, the choice of dowsing tools for discriminating water and mineral dowser, alternative healing practitioner, spiritual counselor, distant healer and others.

 Properly chosen tools for the task at hand will give you the edge of increased accuracy as well as the professional image. Also some great books!


7506 E Barataria Blvd

Sierra Vista, AZ 85635

Contact: Sam Contapay

Ph: 1-520-803-8569

E-Mail: or

Dream of finding valuable treasure left behind long ago? Did you wish that you had the knowledge and skills to locate and recover those treasures? Now you too can become a treasure hunter... and we can teach you.

Dowsing Seminar: Otherplane will take you through four days of classroom and hands-on training. You will be given information that you will not find printed anywhere, and you will put that information into practice (during your four days).

Radionics and Dowsing Institute of Canada, The

Gen Del (W) Springbrook

Ontario K0K 3C0


The Radionics and Dowsing Institute of Canada was established in 1988 as the teaching arm of the Canadian Radionics Association by a group of senior practitioners and academics who were motivated to pass on their collective knowledge and experience. It is an independent non-profit organization whose purpose is the teaching and certification of radionic practitioners. It also conducts research and offers radionic services on a limited basis.

It can serve as a referral source for graduates who wish assistance in establishing or expanding their practice but unless permission is given the Institute never gives out the identity of its' students, graduates, clients, or customers to anyone for any reason given the controversial nature of radionics.

Simmons Scientific Products

PO Box 10057

Wilmington, NC 28404-0057 USA

Phone & Fax 1-910-686-1656


Manufacturer of dowsing rods and directional locators to hunt for lost treasure, for more than 25 years. Our instruments are sold on a 30-day trial money-back guarantee. If it does not perform exactly as advertised, return it in good condition and your money will be immediately refunded.

Our instruments are unconditionally guaranteed for 10 years. If any service or repair is required during this period, it will be performed free of any charge.

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