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Books are the greatest source of information for the modern gold miner. This section provides information on gold mining and dowsing book authors, books available by these authors, and direct sales from the authors themselves.

Author listing:

List is compiled by last name first.

Ballantyne, Verne H.: "How to Prospect with a Mini-Rocker," "How to Build & Use your own Mini-Rocker," "How to Prospect for Pocket Gold," "How to Make Prospecting for Gold a Business," "How to Prospect for Hard Rock Gold," "How to Process your Black Sand Concentrates, "How To Build and Use Your Own Mini-Rocker"

Basque, Charles: "Methods of Placer Mining"

Basque, Garnet: "Gold Panners' Manual"

Benham: "Gold Panning & Stream Prospecting SW Colorado"

Black, Jack: "Gold Prospectors Handbook"

Botts, Gene: "The Vulture; Gold mine of the century," "Quest for Gold"

Bratvold, Larry: "Strange Things Done"

Brooks, David: "Sierra Ghost Towns and Ghost Mines of California, Volume 1"

Bryant, Tom: "The Modern Gold Seekers Manual"

Carle, Lee: "Gold Fields in the East, South and Midwest"

Carter, Nola May: "Gold Miners' Secrets on Gold & Silver," "Golden Rules to Cyanide Leaching & Recovery," "The Old Timers Guide to Assaying Gold & Silver"

Chenworth, Alan: "A Guide to Gold Panning in Utah"

Clark, Don: "Yonder Lies Josiah's Gold" 

Cobb, Edward H.: "Placer Deposits of Alaska," "Metalliferous Lode Deposits of Alaska"

Coombs, Charles: "Gold & Other Precious Metals"

Cummins, Joseph: "Lure of the Caballo's"

Dee, Lawrence: "Gold Deposits of the Stanley [Idaho] Area"

Ed, Prospector: "The Secret to Successful Prospecting," "Mining in The Western States," "Prospector Ed's Handbook For Gold Prospectors"

Enterprises, J.S.: "Gold & Silver Recovery Methods"

Gajada, George: "Gold Refining"

Garcia Richard J. : "Gold Mining Together"

Garrett, Charles: "Real Gold"

Hairr, John: "Gold Mines in North Carolina" co-authored by Joey Powell

Harris, Bruce W.: "Gold Miner's Handbook© 1986 published 1993," Modern Gold Dredging Series© 1992 published 2000, updated to 20th Anniversary Edition 2020; “Modern Dredge Sampling,” “Finding That Perfect Location,” “Gold Placer Geology,” “The Modern Gold Dredge.” 

Herring, Ivan: "Mines of the American West - Pinal County, Arizona (Mines, Ghost Towns and Legends of the American West)"

Heydelaar, Pieter: "Successful Nugget Hunting, Vol.1"

Hill, Mary: "Diving & Digging for Gold"

Holloway, Sam: "To Seek For Eldorado; How To Hunt For Gold In The Yukon," "Collected Stories, Vol. 1"

Jaworsky, Bernie: Lamps Forever Lit - A Memorial to Kirkland Lake Area Miners"

Johnson, Maureen G.: "Placer Gold Deposits of Utah," "Placer Gold Deposits of Arizona," "Placer Gold Deposits of Nevada"

Johnson, Robert Neil: "Gold Diggers Atlas"

Jordan, Gregg: "Gregg's Gold Prospecting: Basic Techniques"

Keene, Jerry: "How to Find Gold," "The Prospector's Digest"

Kibler, Barry: "The Birdman of Treadwell: Diary of a Treadwell Gold Miner" by Edwin Warren and presented by Barry Kibler

Klein, James: "Dry Washing for Gold," "Where to Find Gold in the Desert,"How to Find Gold," "GOLD RUSH! The Young Prospector's Guide to Striking it Rich," "Where to Find Gold in the Motherlode"

Knorr, Lawrence: "A Pennsylvania Mennonite and the California Gold Rush"

Kubichek, Gabe G.: "Dreaming of Amerika," "Gold And Where You Find It"

Lagal, Roy: "Gold Panning Made Easy"

Lampright, Rich: "Gold Placer Deposits Near Anchorage, Alaska," "Gold Placer Deposits Near Talkeetna, Alaska," "Gold Placer Deposits In EastCentral Alaska," "Gold Placer Deposits In NorthEast Alaska," "Gold Placer Deposits Near Nome, Alaska," "Gold Placer Deposits In SouthEast Alaska," "Gold Placer Deposits In NorthWest Alaska," "Gold Placer Deposits In WestCentral Alaska," "Gold Placer Deposits In SouthWest Alaska," "Gold Placer Deposits In NorthCentral Alaska"

Lassiter, Chuck: "Midwest Gold Prospecting"

LeGaye, E.S.: "Gold-The ABC's of Panning," "Pan Your Own Gold!"

Leaver, Glenn: "Gold Trails -The How To Manual"

Lehman: "Desert Survival Handbook"

Lethcoe, Jim and Nancy: "Valdez Gold Rush Trails of 1898-99"

Lorenzo, Lois De: "Gold Fever"

Lynch, Otto: "The Art of Drywashing"

Margeson, Charles: "Experiences of Gold Hunters in Alaska"

Markiewitz, David L. D.D.S.: "A Fortune in the Desert"

Mason, John: "Mines of Northern California"

McCracken, Dave: "Gold Mining in the 90's," "Advanced Dredging Techniques-Volume(s) 1 thru 3"

McCullough, James A.: "Complete Guide to Finding Gold Nuggets, " "Nugget Shooting with a Metal Detector"

McGowan, Al: "The Extraction of Free Gold"

Meyerriecks, Will: "Drills And Mills: Precious Metal Mining and Milling Methods of the Frontier West"

Miller, John: "Prospecting for Gold and Silver in North America," "Prospecting For Gold And Silver," "Early Georgia Gold - Dahlonega," "The ABC of Mining," "United States Mine-Site Waypoints"

Miller, Ron & Peggy: "Mines of the Mojave"

Miller, Tron: "Gold Rocker Handbook"

Normandi: "Finding Gold Nuggets With a Metal Detector"

Olson James R.: "Take A Hike, Gem and Mineral collecting in Georgia”

Owen, Steve: "Shorty's Not So Lost Mines and Treasures of Southern Oregon"

Parker: "Gold Panning & Placering in Colorado"

Petralia, Joseph: "Gold! Gold! A Beginner's Handbook"

Powell, Addison: "Tales of the Valdez Gold Rush"

Powell, Joey: "Gold Mines in North Carolina" co-authored by John Hairr

Purcell, Jack: "The Lost Adams Diggings - Lost Trails Revisited," "Myth, Mystery and Madness," and "Desert Emergency Survival Basics."

Radding, Sam: "Book of Plans Volume I & ll"

Rovinson, John W.: "Mines of the San Gabriels"

Ryan: "Weekend Gold Miner"

Sabel, Clark: "Simplified Black Sand Recovery"

Sallee, Larry: "Zip Zip - Mastering your Nugget Detector"

Silva: "Stake Your Claim"

Singel, Kevin: “Finding Gold In Colorado.”

Slaughter: "Greenhorn's Guide to Gold Panning"

Smith, Bob: "Coin & Relic Dredging"

Smith, Jerry: "Boom Towns & Relic Hunters of Northeastern Washington State"

Speck, Gary: "Ghost Towns"

Stevens, C.J.: "The Next Bend in the River-Gold Mining in Maine," "Maine Mining Adventures," "The Buried Treasures of Maine," "Memoirs of a Maine Gold Hunter"

Stone, Gregony V.: "Placer Gold-Where to Find It"

Straight: "Follow the Drywashers III," "A Magnificent Quest"

Straight, Jim: "Advanced Prospecting & Detecting for Hardrock Gold," "Follow the Drywashers-The Nugget Shooters Bible"

Swindle, Lewis J.: "The History of the Gold Discoveries of the Northern Mines of California's Mother Lode Gold Belt - as Told by the Newspapers and Miners (1848-1875)," "The History of the Gold Discoveries of the Southern Mines of California's Mother Lode Gold Belt - as Told by the Newspapers and Miners (1848-1860)," and "The Fraser River Gold Rush of 1858 - "Was it a Humbug?"

Sylva, Michael: "Placer Gold Recovery Methods"

Taeschner, Sean T.: "Finding Gold In Washington State" & "Finding Gold with Sluicebox Sean."

Thornton, Matt: "Dredging for Gold"

Toole, Delos: "Where to Find Gold in California," "Where To Find Gold In Oregon," "Gold Nugget-Teering In Nevada," "Where To Find Arizona's Placer Gold," and "Where To Find Yankee Placer Gold"

Weilgus, R.S.: "Arizona Golden Secrets"

Wendt, Ron: "Alaska Gold," "Fortymile Gold," "Fairbanks Gold," "Gold, Ghost Towns & Grizzlies," "Where to Prospect for Gold in Alaska Without Getting SHOT!," "Wiseman Chandalar Goldfields," "Bedrock Prospecting in Alaska," "Circle Goldfields 1893-1938," "Nelchina Susitna Goldfields," "Lost Gold Mines & Ghost Towns of Alaska," "Goldfields of Nome, Alaska," "Alaska Nugget Detecting," "Hatcher Pass Gold by Ron Yukon River Gold," "Kenai Peninsula Gold"

Wilson, Eldren D.: "Arizona Gold Placers & Placering"

Yeend, Warren: "Gold Placers of the Historical Fortymile River Region"

Young, H. Court: "The Orphan Boy Mine, A Love Affair with Mining"

Yount, Norma Jean Richards: "Goldroad Arizona on Historic Route 66"


Davis & Streufert: "Gold Occurences of Colorado"

Peter Heydelaar & David Johnson: "Advanced Nugget Hunting"

Charles Garrett & Roy Lagel: You Can Find Gold with a Metal Detector"

Dowsing Authors & Books

Known dowsing book authors.

Andrews: "Dowsing Made Easy"

Branson: "Dowsing Devices"

Cameron: “Map Dowsing”

Cox: “Techniques of Pendulum Dowsing,” "Techniques of Swing Rod Dowsing," "Cameron Aurameter in Action," "Cameron Aurameter"

DeFrance: "Elements of Dowsing"

Maury: "How to Dowse"

Olson: "The Pendulum - Bridge to Infinite Knowledge"

Stewart: "Do’s and Don’ts of Dowsing," "Professional Dowsing Course for Beginning Dowsers," "Dowsers Guide to Gold Prospecting," "Dowsing Manual"

Trinder: "Dowsing"

Sales by Author

Direct book sales from the author.

Bernie Jaworsky

BOX 41, DOBIE, ON (Ontario, Canada)


Ph: 1-705-568-8992


Author of "Lamps Forever Lit - A Memorial to Kirkland Lake Area Miners"

Published by Cambria Publishing. 256 pages, $29.95

Boom Towns & Relic Hunters

P.O. Box 914

Black Diamond, WA 98010 USA

Contact: Jerry Smith



New Release: "Boom Towns & Relic Hunters of Northeastern Washington State" by Jerry Smith

One of the most comprehensive and detailed books written about the history of Northeastern Washington State ever published. Boom Towns & Relic Hunters of Northeastern Washington is a great reference book for both Washington State residents and "outsiders" seeking a better knowledge of our state’s heritage-a must for local historians and a great keepsake for visitors to our state.

California Coast Publishing

17595 Vierra Cyn Road, #407

Salinas, CA 93907

Publisher of mystery thriller Gold Rush 2000 by Ed Mitchell.


ph: 1-831-663-1021 or fax:1-831-663-5629

Headline: Prospector Wins National Award for Best New 

Fiction. The best fiction author in America and Canada for the year 2000 has hunted gold in Alaska and California.

Ed Mitchell, author of mystery thriller Gold Rush 2000, is the winner of the National Publishers Freedom Award for Best New Fiction in the USA and Canada. Gold Rush 2000 also holds the distinction of being the first non-Steinbeck novel accepted into the National Steinbeck Center Resource Center in Salinas California, where Mr. Mitchell lives. 

Mr. Mitchell used 15 years of research on modern gold hunting techniques when he created his tale of a West Coast family struggling to survive after discovering the eastern branch of the California motherlode this millennium. An international conglomerate stalks the family to steal the gold strike and the Federal government attempts to block the filing before a tidal wave of humanity surges into the new gold field. 

Pictures of the Steinbeck event & the author, reviews, reader quotes, and chapter-1 can be viewed at this web site.

Don Clark

Colorado Springs, CO USA

Aurthor of "Yonder Lies Josiah's Gold" historical fiction about Negro gold miners prior to the Civil War, 1861. Available in paperback and as an ebook Kindle edition.

For sale at ISBN-13: 978-1470194611 for $9.95.

Book Description: Josiah led a group of former slaves from the gold rushes of Georgia to North Carolina to Massachussets to California to Colorado. They freed themselves and others by mining gold and buying their manumission papers. Josiah learned about gold from his grandfather. His skills took him through Gold Rushes in Georgia, North Carolina, California and Colorado. Black prospectors were considered luckier than other miners, but only if they were freed men. The action starts about 1824 and ends in 1860.

Gabe G. Kubichek

"Gold And Where You Find It: There's Gold in Them Thar Hills!" by Gabe G. Kubichek (ISBN: 1-59800-531-6) 6 x 9 Paperback, 136 pages. Can also be found at

"Gold is where you find it!" The old timers used to say, and it is true in a sence. However you need to know where to look for it, and how to go by getting it out. This book will tell you where, and how to get the gold in your gold pan. One important suggestion, never, ever get discouraged after the first try comes up with an empty pan. Good luck,  Gabe G. K. 

Headwater Publications

Contact: Larry Bratvold


Publishers of: "Strange Things Done" by Larry Bratvold

Headwater Publications presents Yukon author Larry Bratvold and his memoir STRANGE THINGS DONE... 

This book takes you on an amazing journey through the muskeg and swamps of Yukon's goldfields as the author pursues a trail left behind by the original stampeders of 1898. The reader is given a first hand account of the struggles and joys of searching for gold in the wilderness of Yukon Territory as well as an insight into the soul of a prospector.

His site discribes this book in detail and includes a great photo gallery.

Heavy Metal Mining Company [HMMC]

"Gold Placer Geology": A serious study of gold placer geology.

"Modern Dredge Sampling": An advanced course in professional gold dredging.

"Finding That Perfect Location": An advanced course in professional gold dredging.


Iron Fire Publication

2454 Ridge Rd.

Nederland, CO 80466 USA


E-Mail: Rich Lampright

An Alaska Recreational Gold Prospecting site that contains imformation specific to suction dredging and metal detecting. Offer a series of eleven books which identifies the location of all known placer gold deposits located in Alaska. Information on Alaska dredge permits, book sales, Alaska info.

Rich Lampright is an author of 4 prospecting books.

Ivan Herring

"Mines of the American West - Pinal County, Arizona (Mines, Ghost Towns and Legends of the American West)"

Pinal County, Arizona is the tenth of a series of books on Mines of the American West. Containing over 2,525 entries, Pinal County and others will consolidate data on historical and modern mines in the county, for the use of small miners, “rockhounds”, metal-detector enthusiasts, hikers, campers, off-roaders and others. Modern GPS coordinates have been associated with most records to allow the reader to do a little “prospecting from their computer”, using available on-line tools such as Google Earth. 

[Kindle Edition @] 837 pages

Jack Purcell

P.O. Box 196 

Grants, NM 87020. 


The Lost Adams Diggings, Myth, Mystery, and Madness copyright 2003, To order send $24.95 to NineLives Press P.O.Box 10041 Olathe, KS 66051or mailto: for info. This is a printed version of the former ebook and replaces "Lost Trails Revisited". Also available through Other books by Jack Purcell include the ebook "Desert Emergency Survival Basics" and the printed book "Hell Bent for Santa Fe, the Texan-Santa Fe Expedition of 1841."

John Wade Publishing

PO Box 303

Phillips, ME 04966 USA

1-207-639-2501 or fax: 1-207-639-2501

Toll Free: 1-888-211-1381

E-Mail: C. J. Stevens

"The Next Bend in the River-Gold Mining in Maine" by C. J. Stevens

Locations, valuable tips. Where, how to. 181 pages.

"Maine Mining Adventures" by C. J. Stevens

Find gems, tourmaline, amethyst. Where, how to, 208 pages. 

"The Buried Treasures of Maine" by C. J. Stevens

Metal detecting, gems, gold, pirate caches, old bottles, Indian artifacts, etc.- find them! 184 pages.

"Memoirs of a Maine Gold Hunter" by C. J. Stevens; 288 pages

Kevin Singel

Sold @ Amazon > Buy here

Updated for 2022! Colorado Prospectors, this is the book for you - loaded with over 180 public access prospecting sites! A travel guide book inspired by the gold prospecting origin of Colorado. Includes touring information on all the major towns founded as gold mining camps as well as summaries of each town's origin story. Includes reviews and recommendations on historic districts to visit, mines to tour, driving tours of ghost towns and so many places to gold pan. Includes information on 16 historic districts, 31 museums, 18 mines, and 180+ gold panning sites across the state of Colorado. Thoroughly researched to confirm public access to the panning sites (no private property or areas subject to mining claim has been included - unlike other books.) Written by a long-time Colorado resident and gold prospector. Based on years of research and field work. Get your share of the gold by prospecting for it in historic, urban, and remote locations across the gold districts of Colorado.

Lawrence Dee

Gold Deposits of the Stanley [Idaho] Area by Lawrence Dee.

It can be ordered from:

POB 2101

Idaho Falls, ID 83403 USA

Manning Ross

1865: From Ashes and Broken Dreams by M.B. Shelton 1838-1920, Annotated by Lynn Manning Ross, A First Edition Ebook 2005, 164 Pages, A Smart Site Publication, ISBN 0-9754532-3-8. 

A Confederate Soldier's Compelling Account of His Life After the Civil War.

Shelton, a Confederate soldier, recounts life in post Civil War as told in his original book Rocky Mountain Adventures. A former prisoner of war, he returns to his hometown in Alabama only to find a township in ruin and lost opportunities. America's second biggest gold rush is underway in the Rocky Mountains. Throwing care to the winds, he catches history's last mule train west in search of gold and silver in this yet to be tamed and dangerous territory.

NOTE: This is a great book. A real look into the past and the reality of gold mining after the civil war. Bruce W. Harris owner & Heavy Metal Mining Co.

Midwest Prospector



THE book for anyone who wants to find Gold, Native Copper or even Diamonds in the Midwestern United States. Though it focuses primarily on Indiana, the information it contains can be used successfully to locate gold in Ohio, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin or anywhere else that has "Glacial Gold."

In this book I share what I have learned in over 20 years of prospecting in the Midwest. The topics covered include the Ice Age origin of Midwest Gold, a brief history of Indiana gold mining, stream characteristics, using geological maps, identifying and using indicator minerals, how to properly sample for gold, panning, sluicing and dredging for gold, metal detecting for gold & copper nuggets, Midwest diamonds, commercial mining possibilities and much, much more! Now you can know what it took me over 20 years to learn!

5.5" x 8.5" paperback book, 114 pages and is packed with over 60 full color illustrations, drawings, maps and photos. ©copyright 2006 - all rights reserved.

Sean T. Taeschner, M.Ed.

"Finding Gold In Washington State: 2005-6 Edition (c) 2000" DVD $19.95 each

For those who want copies, they can mail me a personal check or money

order for $19.00 to:

Sean T. Taeschner

30846 229 PL SE

Black Diamond, WA 98010 USA

Ph: 1-425-247-8827 or 1-360-886-1588


"Finding Gold with Sluicebox Sean" by Sean T. Taeschner, M.Ed. also known as "Sluicebox Sean." is $15.00 and is only available for order through or .

Steve Owen

PO Box 369

Canyonville, OR. 97417

Ph: 1-541-839-6794


"Shorty's Not So Lost Mines and Treasures of Southern Oregon" by Steve "Shorty" Owen

ISBN #1442176202

Retail Price: $24.95

E-book is available for $10.00. It can also be found at,,, and at State wide Mining supply stores.

A pictorial walk through the Gold Rush Days of Southern Oregon.

More than 300 pages of Pictures, Descriptions, GPS Coordinates, Mapping Coordinates and much more. Too add to the fun a reference section with more than 3000 Mines and Quarries in five Southern Oregon Counties. Giving the reader and explorer the "Name, GPS Coordinates, Mapping Coordinates, Material Mined or Quarried, and Host Rock.

Will Meyerriecks


Author: "Drills And Mills: Precious Metal Mining and Milling Methods of the Frontier West" (ISBN 0-9714383-0-7) 

Now in its second printing, and is available directly from the author.

Drills And Mills is 252 pages, apx. 83,000 words, and is profusely illustrated with 94 historic and 78 modern photographs, 94 historic and 21 modern cuts and illustrations, 39 tables, and 40 charts. Chapters include discussion of 19th century placer and hard rock mining methods, mining details such as square-set timbering, Cornish pumps, and the chronological development of machine drills; milling processes and equipment, including the complete ideal chemistry for all processes covered (patio, Washoe, chlorination, cyanidation, smelting); and appendices covering mining and milling hazards, occupational wages, 19th century annual metal production and prices for Au, Ag, Cu, Pb, Zn, and Hg, etc. For more information, please email the author.

Gold Mining Book Authors - Sales by Author

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