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"Gold Miner's Handbook©"
(Part Number # GMH_B)
In Paperback

Note: Current copies of this book is unavailable (out-of-print). This is a brand new 1993 book right out of the box, but stock is starting to show first signs of aging. The printing quality of the cover is not the greatest, but very decent. All very clean, NO page yellowing or cracking. Stored in a non-smoking, temperature controlled storage.

Send $10.00 each + $5.00 s&h ($15.00 total)

"Gold Placer Geology©"
(Part Number # GPG_B)
In Paperback
Unavailable at this time (out of print)


"Gold Placer Geology©"
(Part Number # GPG_CD)
in CD-ROM E-Book

Send $17.95 each + $3.00 s&h ($20.95 total)

"Finding That Perfect Location©"
(Part Number # FPL_B)
In Paperback
Unavailable at this time (out of print)


"Finding That Perfect Location©"
(Part Number # FPL_CD)
in CD-ROM E-Book

Send $15.95 each + $3.00 s&h ($18.95 total)

"Modern Dredge Sampling©"
(Part Number # MDS_B) In
Unavailable at this time (out of print)


(Part Number # MDS_CD)
in CD-ROM E-Book

Send $15.95 each + $3.00 s&h ($18.95 total)

"Special 3-Pack!"
(Part Number # 3PK_CD)
in CD-ROM E-Book
All (3) books from the Modern Gold Dredging Series:
"Gold Placer Geology©," "Modern Dredge Sampling©," & "Finding That Perfect Location©"

Send $40.95 each + $3.00 s&h ($43.95 total)

Cool Buttons!Cool Buttons!

Part Number
01_BU D.A.F.T "Dredgers After Fertile Tailings"
02_BU Mining is Digging Dirt for no Apparnemt Reason
03_BU Sorry, Honey, the bear swallowed the gold.....
04_BU Miners Go Deeper
05_BU Dear I.R.S., I didn't find any gold last year. Sincerely Johnny Prospector
06_BU You can mine the gold, but the wife still spends the money.
07_BU Miners "Finders of lost rocks"
08_BU Prospectors leave no stone unturned!
09_BU Rock...darn, Rock...darn, Boulder..Arghhhhh!, Flake.......yea!, Nugget...Yippee!
10_BU rock, rock, rock,boulder, rock, boulder, rock, rock, flake, flake, rock, rock, nugget...
11_BU Dredgers "We only vacuum outdoors!
Send $1.25 each + $.25 s&h ($1.50 total)
555_BU Cool Buttons "Special Offer"

Send $5.00 +$1.00 s&h ($6.00 total) for 5 buttons of your choice!
[Save $1.50 off the single price]

Just tell us the button numbers and how many of each.
EXAMPLE: 2,3,3,8,11 or any reasonable way to let us know what you want.

We ship only to USA, Canada & Mexico only! We ship daily.
Customers generally receive their order within 1 week!

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