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Modern Dredge Sampling©
Heavy Metal Mining Company is proud to offer
"Modern Dredge Sampling©" by Bruce W. Harris.

A great book on dredge sampling. An in-depth look at today's modern gold dredge and the art of locating significant gold deposits and the many techniques used to gain a profit.

"The MGD Series is a great book collection!"
Woody Caldwell, GPAA Book Review...

The book "Modern Dredge Sampling."
Only $15.95!
An advanced course in modern gold dredging!

Book Includes:
Getting Into The Materials
Streambed materials; virgin materials, storm layers, hardpans. Bedrock; (false bedrock, ribbons & veins of soft rock, smooth & rough bedrock) elevated sections of bedrock (dikes), cracks & crevices (wandering crevices, parallel crevices, cracks).

Ways of finding gold; basic method of locating deposits. Preparations before starting. Dredging sample holes; basic sampling procedure, making a proper sample hole (maximum depth allowance). Once a deposit is found. If the location does not pay; down time, choosing a new location, understanding your area.

More About Sampling
The sluice box & sampling; keeping your sluice box clean, following signs. Dredge size; underwater dredging tubes. Minimum daily acceptable allowance. Being successful at sampling; tips for the beginner.

Sampling For A Particular Deposit
Single deposits; bedrock catch, obstructions (boulders, boulder piles, fallen trees, tree roots). Bleed-off deposits. Flood gold deposits. Paystreak deposits. Tributary deposits.

Is There Any Gold Left?
Gold rush era. Heavily dredged areas; leaving behind acceptable deposits for better, tailings dropped on paydirt, improper cleanup, the nature of deposits, loosing track, gold fever, inexperience.

Well illustrated. Color graphics.

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Author: Bruce W. Harris
Author Bruce W. Harris