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Gold Placer Geology©
Heavy Metal Mining Company is proud to offer
"Gold Placer Geology©" by Bruce W. Harris.

Simply the best book on gold placer geology on the market today. Whether you are drywashing in the desert, highbanking on the shoreline, or dredging underwater you need this book.

"The MGD Series is a great book collection!"
Woody Caldwell, GPAA Book Review...
The book "Gold Placer Geology."
Only $17.95!
An advanced course in gold placer geology!

Book Includes:
Understanding Gold
Precious metals; gold, silver, & platinum. Lode gold; pocket gold, gold ore, & mine tailings. Placer gold; the size of placer gold, quartz gold.

Basic Streambed Geology
Placers. The forming of streambeds; the bedrock channel, the streambed (storm layers , natural beds; how a natural bed is formed, understanding natural bed deposits). Types of streambeds; ancient, present, tertiary, & virgin. Water action; types of pressure areas (low, high, & back pressure areas, major & miner pressure areas, pressure areas within pressure areas), Eddies; types of eddies (how eddies work, boil-outs).

Storms & Floods
Rainfall. Floods; water flow (streams natural flow, seasonal flooding, major flooding), how floods work (transportation, deposition, retention, & accumulation).

Gold Deposits
Movement of gold; character of placer gold. Gold route; hidden influences, multiple gold routes, signs during sampling. Types of gold deposits; single deposit, bleed-off deposit (bench placer, lode, tailing), flood gold deposit (true definition, miners interpretation, dredgers interpretation), paystreak deposit (the size of waterway, straight sections of waterway, materials, paystreak boundaries, gold in paystreaks), tributary deposits.

Well illustrated. Color graphics.

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Author: Bruce W. Harris
Author Bruce W. Harris