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The book "Finding That Perfect Location."
Heavy Metal Mining Company is proud to offer
"Finding That Perfect Location©" by Bruce W. Harris.

One of the best books on finding the right place to dredge for gold. An in-depth look at today's waterways and acceptable agreements to gaining access to mine.

"The MGD Series is a great book collection!"
Woody Caldwell, GPAA Book Review...

Finding That Perfect Location
Only $15.95!
An advanced course in modern gold dredging!

Book Includes:
Choosing Your Location
Gold country. Open areas. Choosing an area to work; a general area, a general location, a location. Identifying claim ownership. Accessibility; public access areas, club property, private claims & property. Basic acceptable agreements; leasing claims. Working your own claim.

Understanding Your Location & Area
Collecting information; doing research, collecting data (using maps), communication with others; making contact with other miners, gathering information, asking questions, common questions to ask, no more gold. Watching others; observing.

Evaluating A Location
Looking it over; the location, the waterway (the bedrock; faults, swept bedrock, & potholes; the materials; boulder piles, diversion dams, rapids, stream bars, waterfalls), the water.

Worked Areas
Spotting dredged holes; present season (sample holes, production dredging, things to consider), past dredging (what to look for, more help), looking for signs

Understanding Tailings
Tailings; classified materials, identifying the source, common tailings (the gold rush era, recent mining).

Well illustrated. Color graphics.

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Author: Bruce W. Harris
Author Bruce W. Harris